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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX News  June 11, 2016 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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that's how you want to play it, they're a good one. >> does it pay a dividend? >> no, very little. >> hey, fantastic. really appreciate it at home. here's dave. turn the state department into her private hedge fund. the russians, the saudis, the chinese. all gave money to bill and hillary and got favorable treatment in return. >> donald trump who set up a fake university, trump university, that committed froud on people. >> what a race. donald trump promising to give a huge speech in just two day, zeroing in on clinton scandals while she's pounding him over his trump university lawsuit, but with voters saying the economy is their number one issue, do they really care about the candidate's legal issues? i'm david, welcome to forbes on fox. let's go in focus to find out
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what rich, elizabeth, bill, sa br and john. are these legal issues going to make a difference? >> i think they could. the clinton swagger is not their own. the global initiative is large precisely because bill and hillary can influence a government that pends nearly $4 trillion a year. so, particular ly if the economy's the number one issue, it's going to bother voters that they've amassed so much wealth and power. >> all right. rich, so, character will matter more than the economy as well. prz. >> possibly, but that cuts both ways and neutralizes itself because trump has a lot of character problems, too. a couple of weeks ago, trump said something very valuable. he said a secured nation, we need to be a rich nation. this is where he needed to concentrate and really lay out details in an optimistic
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reaganesque way. >> the e-mail situation is really beginning to bother a lot of people. fox news had a poll. hillary's e-mail problems are big not only for republicans, obviously, but independents, a third of the country is independents. 64% of them think that hillary's lying. even democrats are bothered by it 35%. >> this is a huge problem and quinnipiac had a similar poll which found that 59% of voters don't trust hillary clinton and 58% don't trust donald trump, so, both of them are doing terribly in the sense that people don't think of them as honest or trustworthy. i think we have to remember politics is personal, so it's hard to have a good, solid conerer sags about the substantive economic issues if the candidates are candidates you can't relate to. >> if they cancel out on the character issue, maybe economics will be important. >> you're right. i think it's the most important thin. people are saying all right, $10
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trillion spent under president obama. we got low playing minimum wage job. food stamp usage going up. hello care costs going up, then hillary clinton turning to possibly elizabeth warren as a vice president pick. i'm wondering when warren is going to tick her consumer protection agency on health care reform. >> that would be a good thing. >> bruce, the crooked charge that donald made against hillary seem to be sticking. again going back to her poll. lot of people think she is crooked. 49%. on the other hand, hillary calls trump a fraudster. fewer number of people think that sticks. >> well, you know, it's interesting here, in this day and age, you can't -- the attacks anymore how they respond to them are now part of the vetting process. hillary clinton let's face it has been attacked for decades. she went before a congressal
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panel and how donald is responding to the trump university saga by attacking the judge is going to his character and that's why his poll numbers are dropping in the fox poll by six points. >> so, bill, how does this turn out in the election? >> i think basically david, you're right. they're evenly divided, these two in terms of trustworthyness and integrity. >> lack of is more to the point. >> both crony capitalists, liars. i guess it will be the economics of the country that will determine the election. >> skron, are you reconsidering this because you're colleagues think that character's going to go far second point, the economy will be number one. >> well, the economy always and everywhere defines the mood of the trat and that's my point. nixon had a lousy economy, so watergate failed him. if the electorate feels the economy is not doing well and they see these noninnovators having gotten rich after being
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in government, that's going to hurt hillary clinton. >> and rich, there is something about the work these two people have done that might define how their economic policies will work out. you look at the clinton foundation and the quid pro quo stuff there. you look at the e-mails with donald trump, his relationship with politicians. doesn't that, their business, tell you something about how they would govern as president. >> even trump and to bill's point, trump is the kind of crony capitalist, compared to the capitalists here i see every day in silicon valley. not that impressed with donald trump as a business person, his business experience trumps clinton and that's why he should focus on gettinging the country rich again. >> the only person running who created the private sector is trump. >> he should be using that to
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his advantage. people talk about the fact that the economy is important to them. they're really talking, catch all phrase, personal things like their job, security. wages, salary and the cost of living. that's where he can come in and where hillary clinton is ahead of him talking about the minimum wage or paid leave. he ought to be really running with this. >> there's another issue with the hillary versus trump thing. the wall street had a big piece on it this week. they just don't find hillary genuine. think what you will, maybe a fast talking, whatever, a new yorker that a lot of people don't like, but he's origin l. gl you're right. >> and hillary doesn't have that substance. >> because donald trump talks with you, not at you. and hillary clinton you know u, the clintons have this perverse logic that's going on, so they top spin things. but the other thing, too, is that rich nail eed it. we've had eight years of obama,
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dreary outlook, negative against businesses. beating up on businesses. you know, then we've got a ballooning government and john said it right, where these government worker, $20 trillion government and federal deficit and they treat their office like they're in an entitlement program. >> there is this limit, it reminds me of the days of the late '70s when you had these limits to grow. we had cut back on foss l feel, cut back on this, this and the other thing. americans don't like that. they like to go big and of course, the big person here in terms of the way they talk is more trump than hillary. >> i think that with donald, he's got to start laying out what his policies are. with obama, we know unemployment was high and it's down to 5%. it will be interesting to see what happens in congress in the next white house and where we go from here, but i think that the
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president inherited a bunch of baggage, but one of the things i think it's going to be a long summer, i don't think we're going to get to any ibs until -- sick of hearing that. every president inherits a bunch of baggage. reagan did. gw bush did. president obama did. is that really a fair argument to be made here? >> it is. time to stop -- but bruce has a good point, not to put odds on this there's a 25% chance that before november, we'll be in a recession and trump will win. and a 75% chance we won't be and hillary will win. >> so, it depends on what the economy's doing in november. >> it's always about the economy and if it is seen to be weak, that is going to hurt hillary, the party in power. >> that's the last word. first and last word from john as we rush to bring in 10,000 new syrian refugees by the end of september, there are new reports
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live from america's election headquarter, good saturday morning. very tragic news to report. christina grimmie, a 22-year-old singer, famous for competing on the voice was fatally shot late last night in orlando, florida. a gunman opening fire as she was signing autographs for fans outside a venue where she had just performed. the gunman then took his life. the singer finished in third place on season six of the voice. spectacular sight in the skies over new york city. early this morning, a solar plane flies past the statue of liberty. as it finishes crosses the united states before landing, it's trying to become the first
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plane to circle the globe using the sun as the only source of power. this is the 14th leg of journey. up next, the atlantic and flying over europe. now, back to forbes on fox. talk about bad timing as the administration scrambles to resettle 10,000 new syrian refugees in the u.s. by the president's september 30th deadline, new reports say isis members posing as refugees in europe are plotting attacks over there. so, you say this is all the more reason why we should pause our program here. >> yeah, jay johnson and james comby said even with the two-year waiting period for refugees to come in here, by the way, i support them coming into this country. they said even with the waiting period, they cannot properly vet these refugees who you just need one guy who can do a lot of destruction. >> so, bruce, just one guy could make it bad for everybody. shouldn't we pause the program?
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>> i don't think p so. i think it's paused as it is. we've only admitted about 2500. it's ground to a halt. it's going to show. and i think we should be looking at ways to speed it up and the vetting process i think is solid. >> speed it up, rich? >> no. look, you know, the argument on the other side is that america has always had this great tolerance or welcominging of immigrants. we're all immigrants of some kind. we have a wonderful constitution and bill of rights. we guarantee our freedom, but it's not a suicide pact. and i think that you know, if we're not careful about this, we're in a way committing suicide as a country. >> john, sometimes, our ideal, including welcoming with open arms, refugees, sometimes, you've got to be realistic. sometimes, it doesn't work. maybe this is one f those times. >> this is not about ideals. it's a two to three-year process, so it's hard to imagine
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that too many terrorists are going to wait that long. way to end terrorism.use on it. if terrorists want to get in, they're going to figure out a way. they just won't go through the normal refugee process, so i don't hear the solution here. >> maybe there isn't a solution, but at least we could take a step at stopping what might be a problem now. >> no, i don't think we should eliminate syrian immigration, but we should pr humanitarian reason, limit it to women and children. let the young men ta behind and clean up their country so they don't have to send their families abroad, for safety. >> what do you think of that is this. >> i realize there's a big difference between the million refugees that have entered into europe and the maybe 10,000 we're talking about here, but i think i'm in i agreement with e mack. i think we need to cautious and have a system in place. the thousands of years it took us to get to the point we are here in the united states with gender equality, a respect for
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human rights, it's not the case over all parts of the globe. >> when bill mentioneded his only let the women and children, i saw you shaking your head. donald trump says i see too many of these healthy young guys in these refugee communities. what are they doing there? maybe just limiting it to the women and children would be a good idea. why did you shake your head? >> wouldn't that be great. just women and children. that doesn't limit men coming in. they just get in in different fashion if they want to mean us harm. subscribe to the colin powell pottery barn notion, if you break it, it's yours. possibly the best intentions -- >> not necessarily. >> i think we owe it to the refugees. >> you can't stretch what this cliche has become to cover all of u.s. policy over a dangerous situation. the real, one of the real serious problems europe is facing now is that the refugees refuse to follow western laws. they have said adhere to the system, they reject it. sharia. that is so bad. if they come to the west, they
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should pledge allegiance to the institution and bill of rights, first thing. >> bruce, wa dupg of that in. >> there's a lot of cities and communities out there that are welcoming these things. you guys are generally f local government control, state control. >> you're for sharia in the u . u.s.? >> no. they're not for sharia. >> it is happening, bruce. if if you wake up and follow the news, it is happening. come on -- people in michigan pushing for sharia. wake up, bruce. >> these refugees are escaping, switched to one subject that i think we might all agree on, numbers and john, i know you may be in favor of this, but there are costs associated with resettlement. first of all, there's the resettlement cost itself, which is quite a bit per refugee, but there's also the fact that they are entitled to welfare programs, four major programs. food stamps, supplemental security income, temporary
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assistance for needy family, cash, then medicaid for seven years. >> that, i wouldn't support. let's face it, if the resettlement program is expensive, that's a problem. >> it is expensive. maybe you should rethink it. >> and don't we owe it to them for what's happened in the middle east? i think some degree, the u.s. is responsible, but no more than you like there are government programs once they get here. >> the problem with government programs, particularly the welfare program, it attracts the wrong kind of people. people who come here for handouts, not just to work. >> he said let's put in a work requirement for those welfare benefits. >> interesting. that's a good proposal. the cashing in gang getting ready to roll at the bottom of the hour. >> hi, david. look i looking for a new home, don't worry, trump and hillary want to take you in as the candidates roll out the welcome mat for bernie sanders. we debate who would help them and the rest of america the
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most. see you 11:30. >> thank you. some finding this a little hard to swallow. a new push for a tax on sugary drinks in a major u.s. city. some here say this fight's going to backfire on the state. that's thex. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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we got a new food police alert. lots of residents in the city of brotherly love not loving the
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there's a chant you haven't heard recently. no new taxes. soda lovers protesting in the city of brotherly love. they're slamming a philadelphia city council committee for approving a tax on sugary
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drinks. a final vote from the full council is expected next week. you say the move officially is now going too far. gl it absolutely is. i love hearing this chant. i have three little kids. i take their nutrition seriously and i encourage all parents to do that, but the government is going after one legal ingredient, sugar, and it's not going to actually have an impact on children's lives. they should be pushing for moderation, healthy lifestyle and diet. getting outside and playing in the yard. >> take a page from the old book. bill, you say it's time to lock up the police or no? >> well, list b, i don't agree with the, this is all about policing food. i think it's about taxing consumption and i think that's a good thing. if soda taxes hit the floor unfairly, why don't we just even the score by targeting some of the things that rich people buy. put a tax on -- >> sounds like those are attacks on everything.
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>> we'll always look for a chance to give government more revenue, but we're not idiots. we know if we eat too much ben and jerries and oreos, we're going to gain weight. >> now, rich, please don't tell me you're a fan of the nanny state on this one. >> i'm a fan of the nanny state on this one. >> oh, no! my hero, rich. >> because the greater nanny state is the skyrocketing cost of disability. when you really -- what's driving disability cause, obesity and diabetes and owl of the dysfunctions that follow and i as a taxpayer, don't want the pay those costs. >> e mack, please talk rich out of this. there's no lock box for these revenues. they want to help to build these programs to stop obesity. government's growing way too fat on tax x like these. >> bruce?
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>> well, it's interesting because it is a public health issue. it comes up the american medical association meets in chicago this week. it comes up every year. you don't have just politicians supporting this. you have organized -- >> the people is another thing. there's only one place in country, you know where that is? berkeley, california. some call it -- that's the only place in the country that's passed this. >> i think the public is going to reject this. as someone said earlier, it's celery or ice cream. people know this. if they want to make changes in their life, they are going to. >> i got to get rich back in here, but there's always a le t legitimate excuse for raising taxes, but then they go another step further f. you agree with this tax, you'll get a whole bunch of new taxes based on the
8:26 am
same thing. well, look, we do have run away disability payments in this country. we've got to put a stop to obesity. accounts for a sizable percentage. >> next, they're going to outlaw elevators and make us take the tors. >> going to have their vengeance on rich this week. no matter who wins the white house, reformers say they have stocks that will win.
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stocks that will go up regardless in november, goes down. >> wall street analysts say amazon has room to run. >> you better pray for growth because without it, it will take 300 years. >> speedway motors. i love the nail. why do you like the company? >> because nascar fans are coming out of the woodwork this year. >> what do you think? >> fastest way --
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>> all right. gang, thank you very much. that's it for forbes on fox. continues with eric and cashing in. to all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of super delegates, we welcome you with open arms. >> whether you supported me or senator sanders or one of the republicans, we all need to keep working toward a better, fairer, stronger america. >> the two presumptive nominees vying for voters. like sanders stuff, business as usual in washington to take on crony capitalism, but on the flip side, hillary's pushing more pro socialist programs like bernie, pay by tax hikes o


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